Salt (Chemical) free water softeners are a hot topic these days. Many municipalities have outlawed ion-exchange (salt) water softeners due to the environmental consequences. In addition the cost of the salt and the maintencace deter many users.

Do they work?

As we started to research salt free water softeners for our own use it became apparent that there was little scientic data to back up most claims.

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Scientific methods used to the evaluate effectivness of salt free water softeners

If you use a search engine to search for salt free water softeners you will find thousands of offerings. Many are backed by testamonials or "experiments" which are so poorly controlled that any reslts are meaningless. Others use principles which have no basis in physics or chemistry and are full of technobable and scientific sounding words but offer no real explanation as to how they could possibly work. There are unique problems with evaluating salt-free softeners which we will addres on the following pages. We will attempt to perform "real world" testing of various salt free softening products while maintaining adequate controls so that the reader can make an informed decision as to whether a salf free water softener is the correct fit for them. Nothing is for sale on this site, but carfully screend sponsors can help you if you decide to purchase.


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